Online System

Our job is to make life easier for you. So it’s only right we invest in cutting-edge technology that takes away much of the hassle when making a claim. Our very own online system lets you see everything on our file live via a secure connection.

You can report a new claim and track its progress every step of the way in real-time. Or, cast your eye over any up-to-the-minute information you want to know.

Phone conversations, correspondence, emails and text messages connected to a claim are all available online for you to view. After all, it’s only natural you should want to check we’re handling your claim in the right way, as fast and smoothly as possible. In fact, it’s something we actively welcome.

We’ve got insurance brokers covered too, making it quick and easy to issue, renew and administer policies online. Saving both time and hassle.

To set up a free demo account for your business, talk to our friendly Sales Team on 0161 3939 332 or drop us an email: [email protected]

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