Hertfordshire County Council

In July 2008 MAPS Legal Assistance stepped up to the challenge as Hertfordshire County Council’s Uninsured Loss Recovery provider. Since that time we have experienced unrivalled customer support and a superb claims service that has ensured all our expectations have been matched and exceeded.

In a recent visit to the MAPS offices we experienced first hand their superb claims system and bore witness to a very organised and systematic approach to claims handling that enables their response times to be the quickest of any organisation we have dealings with.

We also have access to MAPS claims handling system which allows us to track the progress of a claim from start to finish. Their innovative use of Facebook and Twitter always brings a smile to the face and reflects just how strong a team they have built together.

Partly as a result of the efficiency and quality of the service they provide, we have taken an introspective look at our own policies and procedures and with their help and advice have undertaken an internal review to streamline our own working processes.

Since the first claim that MAPS dealt with on our behalf, they have striven to comply with our service needs and have proved to be very flexible about our working arrangements.

MAPS Legal Assistance has proved their excellence to us time and again.

Bexley Council

The London Borough of Bexley has been using MAPS since 2006. Previously we had placed our uninsured loss recovery with a large well established company via our Motor Insurer.

Unfortunately the service deteriorated and was very paper dependant. The opportunity arose to make a change and MAPS innovative “test case” offer was ideal. It enabled us to assess their performance and procedures without commitment. We were particularly impressed by the speed of response to our notification of new cases, and were able to see the case recorded on the web system within an hour of reporting.

Prompt notification of their involvement to third parties has speeded up the recovery process and reimbursement of our costs. Regular reporting enables us to clearly see the performance of MAPS and how individual claims are progressing.

Coupled with our own move towards paperless claims, we are able to receive a claim electronically, log it on our system, forward it to our insurers and if appropriate pass details to MAPS, all within a few minutes.

Our confidence in MAPS has resulted in us signing a long term agreement and recommending them to colleagues in other local authorities.

Buckinghamshire County Council

I was approached by MAPS offering an alternative to our then current legal expenses insurers, providing an uninsured loss recovery service for our two fleets comprising some 400 general and leased vehicles.

MAPS were able to offer contact details for several public sector clients and I was subsequently able to obtain an excellent reference based on a long term working relationship. In addition MAPS were able to offer earlier claim intervention and promise greater support than our previous provider all at a reduced price than before.

I am pleased to relay that since being appointed in April 2005 they have been as good as their word, and take great care to keep the Council informed as to progress on particular claims. I have been happy with their success rate given the circumstances of individual matters referred to them and also pleased with the customer care demonstrated, particularly with regard to dealing with some of our senior managers in respect of their claims for insurance excesses on our leased fleet of cars.

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