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60 Second Interview

Posted In: Office Gossip, Public Sector on Thu 25 September 2008

Peter Woodroffe
Head of Public Sector Business Development

How long have you been at MAPS?
From the beginning in 1995.

What do you do at MAPS?
Gain new business in the Public Sector by client liaison, tendering and broker contacts, and maintain relationships with existing clients.

What were doing before you joined MAPS?
Urban Estates Manager at Lancashire County Council. I worked in local government for 26 years before taking early retirement.

What benefit does your previous job provide for what you are doing now?
I understand the processes that Councils have to adopt in the procurement of services, and the ways in which many local government offices operate.

What is the major difference?
Working within the defined structure of a local government organisation, it is sometimes not easy to appreciate the benefits which the Private Sector can offer.

What has been you proudest achievement at MAPS?
Knowing that I am continuing to provide real benefits to Public Sector clients through our services in a constantly changing environment.

Describe MAPS in 3 words.
Dynamic. Reliable. Responsive.

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