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Green Tips

Posted In: Awards, Insurance Brokers, Office Gossip, Public Sector on Wed 25 June 2008

We were winners of the ‘Green Award’ at the North West’s Sefton Business Awards 2007/08. Sponsored by the National environmental charity Groundwork, judges described MAPS as “role models” and were impressed by our “comprehensive and robust environmental policy”.

All businesses can benefit by operating in an environmentally friendly way. Though some initiatives may be more expensive, others prove far cheaper and so your business bottom-line will be improved.

Even options which, on the face of it, seem more expensive can turn out to be otherwise by looking into them a little further. When we switched to green electricity sourced from wind farms initially, when doing the maths, it appeared to be more expensive. We then saw, however, that the climate change levy is waived when the monthly unit threshold is exceeded. We worked out that we could in fact make a substantial saving. It sometimes pays to do your homework!

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