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Major website upgrade

Posted In: ICT on Fri 25 March 2011

A major event is happening on Friday evening (25/3) - we are launching a completely re-written version of our website secure area called DORCAS (Direct Online Reporting of Claims And Sales). It’s all very exciting!

We have invested over £100,000 in our website over the last few years. The re-write started at the end of 2009 and has taken thousands of hours work to complete.

The new site will be hosted on three separate dedicated servers within different clusters to ensure maximum reliability and security. We have used the opportunity to refine complicated processes and add new features which were not previously possible. Thousands of tests have been written to help eliminate bugs when we release new features in the future as part of our commitment to continuous development. The new site will have all the capacity we would ever need as we become more and more successful.

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