Keys are a small detail we all take for granted. But without them, life can turn into a huge hassle. We help people gain access to their vehicle or property quickly and easily, 24/7, all year round. Our products even cover electronic devices such as immobilisers and alarms. With no excess to pay, our Keycare service offers complete peace of mind. It protects No Claims Discounts and any keys attached to the keyfob, including infrared. With a commitment to personal security, over 90% of claims are paid on the day we receive them.

Here’s what we offer:

Key Recovery

90% of keys attached to a Keycare fob are reunited with their owners
£10 reward paid to finder
Total confidentiality

Key Assistance

Emergency helpline - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Access to nationwide locksmiths and car hire

Key Protection

Replacement keys, locks and locksmiths charges up to £1750 per year
Car hire for up to 3 days when a driver gets stranded due to loss or theft of keys
Indemnity cover for locksmiths charges if keys are locked in your home, office or a car (up to £1750 a year)
Cover for the cost of opening safes, public transport or reasonable taxi fares, reprogramming immobilisers and alarms

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