Q1:  The Council currently deals with Uninsured Loss Recovery in-house. What benefits could partnering with MAPS bring us?

A1: Many local authorities have developed ad hoc arrangements for recovering their losses. In fact, sometimes this leaves a claim in the hands of individual services, a central fleet management section or a debt recovery unit in the finance department. This can make tracking the progress of every claim a major issue for your Insurance Officers, often delaying recovery of costs. When legal action is needed to recover any outlay, it can lead to your legal team becoming involved too, whose litigation section is already under pressure from other areas of their work. As you can imagine, delays and costs can soon spiral upwards due to the fragmented nature of the process. Your organisation also risks running up legal costs should you prove unsuccessful in court. Let us handle your recovery and you can count on:

  * Underwritten legal expenses insurance of £100,000 to pursue compensation claims
  * One point of contact when registering all claims
  * Expert advice on all issues, including what to claim for
  * A dedicated website that lets you check on the progress of each claim
  * First-class service at highly competitive premiums, each one a “Best Value” solution
  * Resources freed up as in-house staff focus on more productive work

Q2: We only insure third party risks and the Council has its own Insurance Team. Why should we outsource this work to MAPS?

A2: In our experience, many local authority insurance teams have enough on their plate. Often overloaded with work, they have to deal with responses to liability claims, own-fault accident cases and other risk management issues. With all the financial restraints placed on councils, it’s little wonder they’re often understaffed too. And with motor uninsured loss recovery just a small part of their work, it’s often far from top of the pile. Delays dealing with a claim can make it much harder to recover a loss, while the actual staff time spent on gaining a settlement is tough to identify. After all, your insurance teams are juggling a variety of issues and cases at once. Added to this, if a driver or passenger in a Council vehicle is injured through no fault of their own, the Council has no way to help them pursue a compensation claim. On top of the benefits of outsourcing, our Legal Expenses policy covers every type of vehicle, along with the option to cover authorised drivers and passengers.

Q3: Our insurance company already recovers all repair costs except for a £250 excess. The cost of recovery could outweigh the excess. How could MAPS help?

A3: Our premium rates are highly competitive and most of the time, we recover substantially more for our public sector clients than they pay for our fleet legal expenses cover. Many councils are happy to recover the majority of the costs involved in repairing their vehicles. Yet they don’t realise there are many other costs they are morally and legally right to claim for. These can include:

  * Policy excess
  * Reasonable hire charges where an alternative vehicle has been provided
  * Loss of use/daily standing charge where no alternative vehicle has been provided whilst the damaged vehicle has been unavailable
  * Damaged equipment
  * Recovery of wages paid to an injured member of staff

Q4: What other services could MAPS provide us with?

A4: Here at MAPS, we work closely with major insurance companies, local authority brokers and claims handlers alike. For some authorities, we provide a simple uninsured loss recovery service. For others, we act as the first point of contact for all motor insurance claims. Here, we’ll refer fault claims on to the Council’s insurer or claims handling service, also dealing with any non-fault accidents. Thanks to our real-time online reports, your Insurance Officer or Fleet Manager knows from day one, who is handling the claim and where it’s up to. Depending on your needs, we can also provide more regular updates besides. And with our full Third Party Claims service, we’ll handle any and all motor claims against the council.

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